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Health Before Pregnancy

Thinking about having a baby? Check out this website: Preconception Health/Health Before Pregnancy. It discusses important topics such taking a Prenatal Vitamin with Folic Acid to reduce the risks of birth defects, healthy eating, avoiding alcohol, as well as many other topics!

Health During Pregnancy

As an expectant parent, it’s normal to feel excited, nervous, and even a bit overwhelmed as you adjust to the many changes that pregnancy brings. Peterborough Public Health has programs to help educate, empower, and support you to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for birth, and care for your newborn. See below for some helpful resources:

Health After Pregnancy

Learning about what to expect after your baby arrives will help you feel more prepared to care for, feed your newborn, handle postpartum changes, and adjust to becoming a new parent. You can learn more in our Prenatal Classes. You can also visit Parenting in Peterborough to learn more.