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There are many places in Ontario where the public is protected from exposure to secondhand smoke and vapour from cigarettes, cannabis, and e-cigarettes (vapes).

Some examples of the outdoor places protected by the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA) include:

  • school property (and public areas within 20 metres of the school’s grounds),
  • patios at restaurants and bars, and the public areas within 9 metres of the patio,
  • children’s playgrounds and the public areas within 20 metres of children’s playgrounds,
  • community recreation centres and arenas, and any public areas within 20 metres of its grounds, and,
  • publicly owned sports fields and spectator viewing areas, and the public areas within 20 metres of these places.

Additional information is available here.

Peterborough Public Health can answer questions or respond to complaints about exposure to smoking or vaping in any of these areas.  Call 705-743-1000 or use the Secondhand Smoke and Vapour on-line form below.

report secondhand smoke & vapour here button



Where does my complaint go?

Peterborough Public Health will receive this complaint based on the information you provide and a local Tobacco Enforcement Officer (TEO) will follow up. Please note that TEOs are not available to be dispatched to incidents in ‘real time’, but will investigate each complaint based on the details received.

What happens to the information collected?

Peterborough Public Health will use the data to:

  • ensure compliance with the SFOA
  • work with municipalities to promote awareness of the SFOA, and,
  • deploy resources as needed to areas identified in the data.

Call Peterborough Public health at 705-743-1000 if you require more information.

Smoke-Free Ontario Resources for Townships


Submit a Witness Report for Smoking or Vaping on School Property

Please note – The report form below is solely intended for staff of secondary schools within the area served by Peterborough Public Health.