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Last reviewed/updated: September 28, 2021

Peterborough Inter-agency Pandemic Response Planning Team

Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team

Vaccine Sequencing

Peterborough Inter-agency Pandemic Response Planning Team

The Peterborough Inter-agency Pandemic Response Planning Team (PIPRPT) has evolved out of the Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team (PIVPT). The purpose of PIPRPT is to coordinate Peterborough’s COVID-19 pandemic response among inter-agency partners. The overall goal is to minimize serious illness, death, and social disruption for residents of Peterborough City, County, Hiawatha First Nations, and Curve Lake First Nations.

Members of the inter-agency team include representation from health, enforcement, education, and local government.

For transparency, PIPRPT will be providing accountability updates when planning decisions are made. As the role of this team is to plan for possible scenarios our community may face, updates will only come when a plan is implemented.

The Peterborough Inter-agency COVID-19 Vaccine Planning Team:

On September 3, 2021, the Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team (PIVPT) held their final meeting. The team will be transitioning to a broader inter-agency planning committee that incorporates other aspects of the COVID-19 emergency response. The Peterborough Inter-agency Pandemic Response Planning Team (PIPRPT) will respond to the provincial request for COVID-19 planning to work through various scenarios that may arise during the fourth wave.

What is the Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team?
Who is on the Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team?
What are the functions of the Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team?
Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccine Planning Team Updates

What is the Peterborough Interagency Vaccine Planning Team?

The Peterborough Interagency Vaccine Planning Team (PIVPT) was developed to facilitate the local COVID-19 vaccination roll out plan. The team works to apply the Peterborough Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Implementation Plan at the local level. The team is chaired by Peterborough Public Health’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosana Salvaterra and is comprised of other local organizations and sectors. The membership for this team is fluid and will have representation from different sectors as needed. The team members aim to work collaboratively to ensure COVID-19 vaccine planning is consistent with:

  • National and provincial guidelines
  • Comply with the ethical framework
  • Reflects local needs

The goal of the PIVPT is to provide every eligible resident of Peterborough County, City, Hiawatha First Nations, and Curve Lake First Nations with access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Who is on the PIVPT?

Membership for the PIVPT is fluid and will vary as the COVID-19 vaccine roll out continues. Current members of team include:

  • City of Peterborough
  • County of Peterborough
  • Curve Lake First Nations
  • Hiawatha First Nations
  • Long-term Care Homes and Retirement Homes
  • Peterborough Family Health Team
  • Peterborough Primary Care Physicians
  • Peterborough Public Health
  • Peterborough Regional Health Centre
  • Pharmacists
  • Trent University

What are the functions of PIVPT?

PIVPT has proposed two subcommittees that informs the central team to allow them to make decisions based on evidence, ethics, provincial guidelines. These subcommittees include:

  • Sequencing Working Group
    • The sequencing working group will apply provincial prioritization guidance to Peterborough’s population to ensure we are providing access to immunization in a relevant, ethical, and transparent way.
  • Phase 2 Planning Group
    • Plan the next phase of the vaccine roll out.

PIVPT subcommittees and working groups will change and evolve as we move through the provincial stages.

PIVPT Updates:

January 21 – PIVPT Update
February 5 – PIVPT Update
February 12 – PIVPT Update
February 19 – PIVPT Update
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March 5 – PIVPT Update
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April 2 – PIVPT Update
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May 7 – PIVPT Update
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June 4 – PIVPT Update
June 18 – PIVPT Update
July 5 – PIVPT Update
July 30 – PIVPT Update
August 20 – PIVPT Update
September 3 – PIVPT Update

Vaccine Sequencing

What is vaccine sequencing?
Who makes vaccine sequencing decisions?
Avoiding Vaccine Wastage
Vaccine Administration Transparency

What is vaccine sequencing?

Vaccine sequencing is a process used to decide the order of who receives the vaccine. Vaccine sequencing is based on the following National and Provincial guidelines:

Based on these guidelines, the order of the vaccine roll-out will be based on the following criteria:

  • Vaccine supply
  • Those at highest risk for COVID-19 related complications/death
  • Those who work or care for those at highest risk of COVID-19 related complications
  • Critical/essential healthcare workers
  • Those who live and work within close proximity of others
  • Other ethical considerations

Who makes vaccine sequencing decisions?

Locally, the Vaccine Sequence Planning Group is operating to provide timely recommendations to the Peterborough Inter-agency Vaccination Planning Team (PIVPT) on the order of the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. The purpose of the group is to ensure equitable, effective, and efficient decision making. This group is made up of representatives from various sectors that support diverse populations. They are committed to using an equitable and transparent process to support decision making.

PIVPT is committed to following all provincial guidelines and directives related to the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. As vaccine supply varies, the Vaccine Sequence Planning Group will make recommendations within a local context.

Avoiding Vaccine Wastage

It is important to note that when the vaccine is thawed it cannot be frozen again and is only viable for a few hours after being thawed. If it happens that a vaccine has been thawed and there is not a member of the identified population to receive the vaccine, a list has been created of high priority individuals that can receive the vaccine. With the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines currently in our area, every vaccine needs to be used to prevent waste. It is also important to note that all vaccine distribution in the community has been meticulously planned to ensure enough doses are distributed to cover the people signed up to receive them. However, doses may be left over if someone misses their appointment.

Vaccine Administration Transparency

This report details incidences when vaccines are administered out of priority sequence. Since April 13, no additional reports of vaccines being administered to residents out have sequence have been reported to Peterborough Public Health. As eligibility has expanded, more resident shave been eligible to receive a dose and there is less need to provide left over doses to residents who are not eligible.

Vaccine Transparency Report