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It’s Time To Start Cooking!

Let’s get back to the basics of cooking from home and make the healthy choice the easy choice! When we have the skills to prepare and cook food, we are able to put our knowledge of healthy eating into action. Food skills are a benefit to everyone in the family. You are never too young to help out in the kitchen so we encourage you to get children involved today!

What are food skills?

Food skills are the skills we use to provide safe, healthy and culturally acceptable meals. Some examples include:

  • Knowledge of healthy eating and food safety
  • Meal planning
  • Creating and modifying recipes
  • Preparing and cooking foods

What are the benefits of getting kids in the kitchen?

  • Cooking is a fun, hands-on way to learn
  • Food skills promote a lifetime of healthy eating
  • Kids can build confidence and be creative
  • Food skills are needed to prepare meals safely
  • Cooking as a family passes on family and cultural traditions

We are not the only ones that think bringing kids to the kitchen is a good idea. Check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a project to get people cooking again across the globe!

How do I get started?

Not sure where to start? Check out this step-by-step guide for ideas about cooking with children! Remember, you are the best judge of what your child is ready and able to do in the kitchen. Choose tasks you and your child feel comfortable with. For more guidance, check out these age appropriate cooking skills from UnlockFood. Choose simple recipes that will keep kids interested in the kitchen.

Not quite ready to start in the kitchen? Be sure to check out all of the different sources of Food in Peterborough! Make use of our grocery stores, farmer’s markets and local food vendors.

Make it a family affair: Shop, pick, cook, eat… together!