Are You 50 Years or Older? You Can Book a COVID-19 Booster Dose Starting December 13

Written by Comms Team, December 8, 2021

Booster Dose Appointments Available at Pharmacies and Provincial Booking System

Starting December 13, 2021, the provincial government will be expanding eligibility for COVID-19 booster doses to all residents turning 50 years of age or older in 2021.

In Peterborough region, this expanded eligibility will allow for an additional 37,289 residents to receive a booster dose. With this eligibility expansion, the following residents can book a COVID-19 booster dose appointment for a date that is at least 168 days (6 months) after a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was received:

  • Residents 50 years of age or older (born in 1971 or before)
  • First Nations, Inuit, and Métis adults and their non-Indigenous household members
  • Individuals who received two doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
  • Individuals who received one dose of the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine
  • Healthcare workers

Residents can determine the date when they become eligible for a COVID-19 booster dose using this guide.

Residents with certain health conditions, now including individuals receiving dialysis, can receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 56 days (2 months) after their second dose. These residents may walk in to any COVID-19 vaccine clinic for individuals who are 12 years of age or older and will be required to show a physician referral form at the time of appointment.

“As we continue to see COVID-19 cases rise in the province and locally, I strongly encourage every resident who is eligible to get a COVID-19 booster dose,” said Dr. Thomas Piggott, Medical Officer of Health. “Booster doses work to remind our immune system about a virus that they have previously been exposed to. Our immune system will quickly create antibodies and keep them circulating in the body and ready to defend if the COVID-19 virus enters.”

Dr. Piggott reminded residents that receiving the vaccine is the best defense against severe COVID-19 disease outcomes. “However, it is one tool and may not be enough. Limiting close contacts, and wearing tight and properly-fitting masks and improving ventilation when in prolonged contact with others, will assist in preventing infection and spreading the COVID-19 virus.”

Effective December 13, eligible residents who received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 168 days prior, can book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Residents can book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through the provincial vaccine booking system in the following ways:

Residents can also book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a local participating pharmacy.

Dr. Piggott is reassuring residents that more booster dose clinics are being planned for the end of the year and into 2022. “We are seeing these clinics book up quickly. Peterborough Public Health is holding more vaccine clinics for residents 12 years of age and older at the Healthy Planet Arena and throughout the County of Peterborough,” said Dr. Piggott. “We ask for residents to be patient when booking an appointment. We also encourage residents to reach out to local pharmacies for appointments. Peterborough Region has 24 pharmacy locations that are administering COVID-19 booster doses.”

Residents turning 12 years of age in 2021 or older who require a first or second dose can book an appointment or walk in to any Peterborough Public Health COVID-19 vaccine clinic to receive a COVID-19 vaccine on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, upcoming vaccine clinics, and booking a vaccine appointment, please visit


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