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Small Drinking Water Systems

Last updated/revised: January 12, 2024

There are over 350 Small Drinking Water Systems (SDWS) in Peterborough County and City. They include the following types of premises when NOT served by a municipal water system:

  • restaurants
  • seasonal trailer parks, campgrounds and resorts
  • community centres
  • libraries
  • gas stations
  • motels
  • churches
  • bed and breakfasts
  • other public facilities

These types of SDWS are regulated by Regulation 319/08 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. This regulation is administered locally by Peterborough Public Health.

Other types of drinking water systems such as large municipal systems, year-round trailer parks, schools, day cares and seniors residences are regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Contact the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for more information on this legislation.

Under Regulation 319/08 Public Health Inspectors perform site-specific risk assessments of SDWS and issue a Directive to the owner/operator detailing sampling and treatment requirements, operational checks, record keeping and training requirements. Additional follow-up to ensure compliance with the regulation and Directive takes place, including the installation and maintenance of treatment systems and water sampling requirements.

If you have any questions about SDWS and Regulation 319/08 please contact Peterborough Public Health.


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