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Adult & Older Adult Immunizations

You may think of vaccination as something for kids, but the fact is you never outgrow your need to keep your shots up to date.  There are many reasons why vaccines are recommended for adults

  • The protection we have from previous vaccinations can decrease for some diseases as we get older. Getting another dose (a booster) of the vaccine can strengthen your immune system and increase your protection against these diseases.
  • There are illnesses that are more common in older adults for which vaccines are available.
  • Some adults may have missed one or more vaccinations as a child and they need to get caught up.
  • Adults may want to prevent the spread of disease to those who cannot be immunized. This may include babies, young children or grandchildren, pregnant women or people with medical conditions who have weaker immune systems.
  • Vaccines in Ontario’s publicly funded immunization schedule are provided free of charge if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • For individuals without a family doctor who are eligible for routine immunizations, please use our online Appointment Booking System to request an appointment at our Routine Immunization Clinic.