Smoking and Vaping Prohibited in City Outdoor Public Spaces for Everyone’s Health

Written by Comms Team, June 27, 2022

Local Public Health Partners Remind Residents about Smoke-Free Laws

Peterborough Public Health is partnering with Peterborough Northumberland Crime Stoppers, The City of Peterborough, and Peterborough Musicfest to remind residents and visitors that both the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the Peterborough Smoking Bylaw prohibit smoking and vaping of tobacco and cannabis products in area parks, playgrounds, beaches and sports fields.

“Everyone deserves to enjoy these beautiful spaces free from exposure to secondhand smoke and vape products,” said Dr. Thomas Piggott, Medical Officer of Health.  “Active enforcement of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the current bylaw will protect people from being exposed and support anyone who is trying to quit using cannabis and tobacco.”

Smoking or vaping in Peterborough at a park, playground, sports field or beach could result in a fine of up to $305.  This includes anyone attending a Peterborough Musicfest concert at Del Crary Park.  “Our partnership with the health unit has been ongoing for several years and is quite successful,” said Tracey Randall, General Manager, Peterborough Musicfest.  “We are excited to be back this season offering our concert series throughout July and August once again.  As in years past, we want to make sure that the event is safe and enjoyable for everyone, which includes ensuring a smoke and vape-free experience at the park.”

Peterborough Police and Public Health Tobacco Enforcement Officers will be enforcing the rules in local parks this summer.  Smoke- and vape-free parks and outdoor public spaces keep children safe from the harmful effects of tobacco and contribute to the denormalization of tobacco use.  Smoke-free outdoor spaces help protect the environment from toxic cigarette butts.  These spaces are an important part of the changing social norms and landscape that will help us reduce the prevalence of tobacco use.  For those who are trying to quit, smoke- and vape-free outdoor spaces can contribute to their success by reducing visual cues.

Anyone who is exposed to secondhand smoke is encouraged to report the exposure to Peterborough Public Health by calling 705-743-1000 or using the online report form available at and searching for “secondhand smoke”.  Help and resources are available for those who want to quit smoking.  Call Health Connect Ontario at 811 or visit, or


For further information, please contact:
Sarah Gill
A/ Communications Manager
705-743-1000, ext. 352