Public Health Priorities Laid Out for Next Five Years in New Strategic Plan

Written by admin, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013 – Four Strategic Directions Seek to Tackle Local Health Inequities While Strengthening Capacity and Performance

The Peterborough Public Health released its 2013-2017 Strategic Plan today to guide public health work for the City, County and Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations. This plan was approved by the Board of Health at its June 12, 2013 meeting.

“This new plan is a significant achievement that will guide Public Health for the next five years in a way that reflects our community and its health needs,” said David Watton, chair of the Board of Health.  “It’s the culmination of many months of hard work and it rests squarely on a foundation of reaching out to, and connecting with, the many stakeholders who work with us, who use our services, who rely on us, each and every day.”

Mr. Watton explained that the process to build the plan involved synchronizing many inputs, such as local population health data, extensive community consultations, a review of Ontario Public Health Standards and the province’s own strategic plan framework for the public health sector.  In the end, the final plan defines four strategic directions:

  • Community-centred Focus
  • Determinants of Health and Health Equity
  • Capacity and Infrastructure
  • Quality and Performance

“These four directions provide a vision for our organization that is proud, caring, professional, action-oriented, and measureable,” said Mr. Watton.  “Naturally, given the complexity and the importance of public health, there are many challenges and opportunities before us.  However, we are confident in the abilities of our wonderful staff members who work tirelessly to promote health and prevent illness to deliver on this plan.”

With the completion of the plan, Public Health staff will now take it on the road through a series of upcoming presentations to municipal councils.  Residents are encouraged to download the plan, which is available on Public Health’s website at

Public health is the organized efforts of society to prevent illness, disease and injury through a sustained combination of approaches: one on one health services, health promotion, health protection and healthy public policies.




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