Medical Officer of Health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra to Retire Later This Year

Written by Comms Team, February 11, 2021

Board of Health Will Recruit New Medical Officer of Health; Dr. Salvaterra to Assist in Transition

Local Medical Officer of Health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra has announced her plans to retire from Peterborough Public Health later this year.
“We are deeply grateful for Dr. Salvaterra’s tireless service and passionate leadership that have contributed significantly to the public health of our local community over these past 13 years,” said Andy Mitchell, Mayor of Selwyn Township and chair of the Peterborough County-City Board of Health. “Thousands of local lives are better off thanks to her care, and the Board’s focus now is to recruit her replacement as soon as possible so these successes can continue.”

“Serving the communities of Curve Lake, Hiawatha, the County and City of Peterborough as their medical officer of health for what will be 13 years has been such a privilege. I am grateful to the Board of Health for offering me this opportunity,” said Dr. Salvaterra. “I will cherish forever the outstanding team of dedicated public health champions at Peterborough Public Health with whom I have had the good fortune to work with, literally day and night. Together, I think we have been strong and effective advocates for the health and wellbeing of our communities.”

Mayor Mitchell reassured the community that despite the ongoing pandemic, operations at Peterborough Public Health will not be affected. The Board of Health has already struck a search committee to recruit a new medical officer of health, and Dr. Salvaterra is committed to ensuring a smooth transition. “I will be eligible to retire as early as July, but I have assured the board and my staff that I will be here until the board has recruited a successor. That means I don’t have a fixed departure date in mind at the moment – I am prepared to stay until the end of the year if needed.”

Dr. Salvaterra has served as the Medical Officer of Health for Peterborough Public Health since 2008. Her scientific acumen and ability to mobilize the talents around her have advanced the quality of public health across the region, earning her a deep level trust and respect throughout the community. Dr. Salvaterra has proven herself a passionate community leader through her tireless advocacy with policy makers, regular presentations at council meetings and local events, and frequent media appearances. She has continued to practice clinical medicine in PPH’s Sexual Health Clinic, and stayed active in the community as guest lecturer at Trent University, and chair of the Peterborough Food Action.

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Network. In November 2013, the Ontario College of Family Physicians bestowed an Award of Excellence to Dr. Salvaterra in recognition of her outstanding service.

“Retirement will be bittersweet. Being a medical officer of health has been more than a fulltime job, especially for the past year. I welcome the time and space to pursue other interests and projects. But there are so many people that I will miss deeply. I am hoping these relationships that I have forged over the years will endure and thrive.”


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