Lack of Tenants Forces Public Health to Cancel Deal to Purchase 185 King St. Property

Written by admin, January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014 – Board of Health to Pursue Alternative Site for Relocation

The Peterborough County-City Board of Health and AON Inc. announced today that plans to purchase 185 King St. property will not proceed due to a lack of prospective tenants needed to rent the excess space.

“The Board of Health and AON Inc. worked tirelessly together over the past few months to recruit enough tenants, however there just weren’t enough groups ready to sign on in order to meet the requirements of our business case,” said Chief Phyllis Williams, Chair of the Board of Health. “While it’s unfortunate circumstances prevented us from assuming ownership of the King Street property, I’m very impressed with how well our two organizations collaborated to ensure the best use of tax dollars and minimizing financial risk to Public Health.”

Chief Williams noted that the Board will now pursue alternative locations to centralize Public Health services in one site. “The good news is that the provincial funding already committed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will remain in place to support Public Health’s future relocation. This means that all of Public Health’s provincial and municipal stakeholders have confirmed their support of our intention to secure a new location to better serve the public health of our community.”

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Brittany Cadence
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