Do You Trust Your Canary?

Written by admin, October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015 – October 28 Workshop to Help Employers Promote Civility and Respect at Work

Screen Shot 10-07-15 at 09.18 AMThe Peterborough Health at Work Committee in partnership with the Human Resources Professionals Association, Peterborough Chapter is co-hosting a half-day workshop on civility and respect in the workplace entitled “Trust Your Canary: Tackling the Incivility Challenge” on October 28, 2015 at the Lions Community Centre (347 Burnham St., Peterborough).

Just as canaries were used in coal mines to alert others to dangers in that work environment, Speaker Sharone Bar-David (right) believes we also possess an “inner canary” that tells us when workplace interactions are psychologically unsafe. Bar-David is the author of Trust Your Canary and a leading expert in the field of civility who will engage participants in an interactive, thought-provoking and practical session that will help workplace leaders to:

  • Connect the crucial dots between incivility and productivity, team culture, and service
  • Leave the session able to constructively address others’ incivility
  • Acquire strategies for personally stepping up to boost civility in your work environment

The Health at Work Committee and the Human Resources Professionals Association, Peterborough Chapter have partnered in recent years to organize training events for workplaces that address the many facets of psychological health and safety in the workplace.  This year, the focus is on civility and respect.  The organizers agree that this workshop will benefit every workplace, large and small, within our community.   “We are excited to have Ms. Bar-David in Peterborough to share her knowledge with managers, human resources specialists, health and safety specialists and other workplace wellness champions,” said Monique Beneteau, Chair of the Peterborough Health at Work Committee and one of the organizers of this event.

Sara Bragg, CHRL Professional Development Director for the Human Resources Professionals Association, Peterborough Chapter agreed, saying, “This is a great opportunity for workplaces to attend and gain the knowledge that Ms. Bar-David will be sharing and walking us through during this interactive workshop.  You don’t want to miss!”

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