Celebrating Student Nutrition Programs with a “Great Big Crunch”!

Written by Comms Team, March 7, 2024

Kenner Intermediate Roots for Universal Access to Food at School

Today, 180 Kenner Intermediate School students and staff crunched on Ontario grown apples in sync with students coast-to-coast. The event highlights the need for sustainably funded school food programs across Canada.

Students arrive hungry to school for all sorts of reasons: long bus rides, rushed mornings, and skipped meals. The Great Big Crunch is celebrated across Canada today and highlights the need for access to nutritious food at school for every child.

“Canada is the only G7 country without a national school food program.” says Luisa Magalhaes, Registered Dietitian with Peterborough Public Health and a member of Food for Kids. “With the high cost of food, federal funding would help make local programs even better.”

“Our school’s nutrition program brings smiles to students’ faces and helps them have a better day of learning,” says Tania Lamond, principal at the school. “Access to nourishing food at school, like cheese, vegetables and fruit and whole grains, contributes to our students’ well-being. This year marks twenty years that our vibrant nutrition program has welcomed all students with nourishing food at school.”

Angela Fuchs, Community Development Coordinator with Peterborough Child and Family Centres, was on hand for the festivities. “Last year, over 800 volunteers and school staff spent 1100 hours a week preparing and serving food to hungry students. What a remarkable investment in student success!”

A special thank-you to our community donors and volunteers. Donors include the United Way Peterborough & District, the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, Show Kids you Care, Kawartha Credit Union, Kawartha Food Share, Kiwanis Club of Scott’s Plains, Sysco, Darling Insurance. Funders include Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Grocery Foundation, and Breakfast Club of Canada. Your continued support of food at school for all students makes a difference!

To volunteer, contact your local school. To donate, visit www.FoodforKidsPTBO.ca. #foodforkidsptbo @FoodForKidsPtbo


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