Board of Health Meeting Summary

Written by admin, December 15, 2011

December 15, 2011 – New Director of Corporate Services, Brent Woodford

Dr. Salvaterra introduced Brent Woodford as Public Health’s new Director of Corporate Services following the retirement of the previous director, Lorraine Skipwith. Mr. Woodford joins Public Health from North Bay, where he was a Vice President at the North Bay Regional Health Centre. He has both an MBA and a Master of Health Science (Administration) degree and years of experience overseeing a wide range of social and health services in Ontario and especially in the north (James Bay and the NWT).

A Day in the Life: Epidemiologist

Andrew Kurc presented a typical day in his role as Public Health’s sole epidemiologist. Using available health data and statistics (such as mortality rates, disease and injury rates, emergency room visits, school absenteeism rates, etc.), he identifies and analyzes current and emerging health issues in our community. There are more than 100 core indicators that all health units are asked to monitor in order to understand various health issues. Mr. Kurc supports all program areas by providing empirical evidence and analysis to Public Health staff to guide their work. He also assists in the preparation of reports on specific health topics for our area, such as the 2010 Environmental Health Status Report, the 2010 Reportable Diseases Report, the 2010 Community Assessment Report and the 2011 Report on Alcohol Use in Peterborough City and County.

Staff Report: 2012 Public Health Budgets

Brent Woodford presented Public Health’s 2012 budgets for its cost-shared and 100% funded programs. While the 2012 costshared budget is based on a 3% increase traditionally received from the province, decreases in other revenues and increased expenses have resulted in an overall shortfall. The province’s funding increase, if any, won’t be known until August 2012.

Revenue decreases include changes to the Small Drinking Water System program from 100% to 75% provincial funding and the upcoming relocation of the Genetics program to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. Expense increases include OMERS pension costs, clinic staffing costs and recent collective agreement settlements. Mr. Woodford explained that to avoid a deficit in 2012 Public Health had to unfortunately reduce staff by five full-time equivalents and cut approximately $70,000 from materials and supplies. Fortunately, the number of people actually affected is less than five as reductions were achieved through voluntary staff leaves of absence and by not filling empty positions. Dr. Salvaterra provided a brief presentation on the effect of these reductions on programs and services, and noted while this will reduce Public Health’s capacity in some areas, the objective was to limit the impact on the community and staff as much as possible. Reductions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout 2012 and opportunities will be pursued wherever possible to enhance Public Health capacity and return these vital services to our community. The board approved Public Health’s 2012 cost-shared budgets of $7,089,717 for public health programs and services and $76,101 for vector-borne disease program. The board also approved the 2012 budgets for the 100% funded programs by the province as follows: $222,233 for Infectious Disease Control, $84,872 for Infection Prevention and Control Nurses, and $116,699 for the mandated new Chief Nursing Officer position.

Staff Report: Implementation of the Chief Nursing Officer Initiative

The board approved the addition of the Chief Nursing Officer position and accepted the 100% provincial funding of $116,699 for 2012. This position is mandated by the provincial government.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 185 King Street in Peterborough Public Health board room.

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Dr. Rosana Salvaterra Deputy Reeve Andy Sharpe
Medical Officer of Health Chair, Board of Health

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