Board of Health Expresses Concern Over Cancellation of Basic Income Pilot Project

Written by Communications, August 8, 2018

The Board of Health for Peterborough Public Health has added their voice to other local public health agencies in Ontario in a letter urging the provincial government to reconsider their recent decision to cancel the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project.

Peterborough Public Health has actively supported the concept of a basic income guarantee for many years.  In the letter, the Chair of the Board, Councillor Henry Clarke, outlines the powerful link between income and health in our own community.  “Fifteen per cent of the population of Peterborough City and County live in low income.  Those living with lower income in our community are more likely to die earlier than people who are better off.  Similarly, individuals living with the lowest incomes have higher rates of chronic disease”.

The Board cites research that has demonstrated significant improvements in health outcomes when people receive a liveable basic income. It expresses confidence that the pilot offers a unique opportunity for government decision makers to determine the contribution of a basic income to improving a range of economic, social and health outcomes in Ontario, including reduced health care costs. Improvements which are direly needed in our current situation.

Councillor Clarke asks the government to “allow the pilot and its planned evaluation to proceed as planned and fulfill its considerable potential”.

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