Food Thermometer

Food Premises Checklist

Before Opening, Renovating and Operating

  • Contact your local Public Health Inspector for food premises requirements
  • Review Food Premises Regulation online (O. Reg. 493/17) at
  • Contact your Building and Zoning Departments for any bylaw requirements
  • Provide your owner/operator name, name of business, business address and telephone number when established to PPH
  • Submit and review your floor plan and menu with a Public Health Inspector
  • Notify a Public Health Inspector for a pre-opening inspection
  • Register your staff with PPH for a free Certified Food Handler Training and Certification Course

Basic Requirements 

  • Potable hot and cold potable running water under pressure
  • Adequate potable water supply and sewage system if not on municipal services
  • Separate hand washing sinks with liquid soap in dispenser and paper towels
  • Two-compartment sink with a drain rack
  • Three-compartment sink with a drain rack
  • Commercial mechanical dishwasher
  • Vegetable preparation sink
  • Adequate sanitizer (i.e. Bleach, Quaternary Ammonium or Iodine) and sanitizer test strips
  • Adequate refrigeration (4°C or below) and freezing equipment (keep frozen products to be frozen)
  • Accurate indicating thermometers for all refrigeration and freezing units
  • Food probe thermometer for verifying internal food temperatures
  • Adequate hot holding equipment capable of keeping food at 60°C or above
  • Adequate dry food storage space and food grade containers; Floor, walls, ceiling covered with a smooth, non-absorbent and washable surface
  • Walk-in cooler/freezer floor covered with a smooth, non-absorbent and washable surface
  • Adequate lighting in all food handling/preparation/storage areas
  • Separate area for floor waste water/slop sink and cleaning chemicals
  • All washrooms are equipped with liquid soap in a dispenser and paper towels
  • Adequate number of washrooms for public and staff
  • Adequately sized exhaust system


NOTE:  This Food Premises Checklist does not exclude other requirements that may be necessary after the review process.  You must review all requirements with your Public Health Inspector before opening, renovating and operating a food premises.