found needles and safe disposal

Found Needles

Residents of our communities use needles for a variety of purposes. If you find a needle that has not been properly disposed of, here are some resources to help you.

Please do not place needles in recycling bins or garbage cans.


Needles Found on Public Property

Contact The Public Works Department of the City of Peterborough (705-745-1386) or the OPP (705-742-0401) in the County, if you find used needles on public property.


Needles Found on Private Property

Property owners are responsible for any used needles found on private property.  Please see the following resources on handling found needles safely.

Where to Obtain Biohazard Disposal Bins

If you are finding discarded needles more than occasionally, consider picking up a biohazard container.

  • Pharmacies
    You can pick up a yellow needle disposal bin for free at your local pharmacy.
  • PARN
    You can pick up needle disposal bins, tongs, and gloves free of charge at one of PARN’s sites. They can also provide brief education on safe disposal.
  • Permanent Needle Disposal Kiosks
    If you would like to purchase a permanent needle disposal kiosk for private property, ECS Cares is one option.