Date(s) - 26/06/2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Peterborough Public Health


Foodborne illness, more commonly known as food poisoning, is a risk to the public and can seriously damage the reputation of your establishment. Whether it is by word-of-mouth from one upset customer or an outbreak involving many people, foodborne illness can ruin your business. The best way to prevent foodborne illness is through education. The Food Handler Training and Certification Course will provide you and your staff with the knowledge needed to handle food safely and prevent foodborne illness.

The topics covered in the Food Handler Training and Certification Course include:

  • food safety legislation and the role of the health unit;
  • foodborne Illness and food safety hazards;
  • safe food handling processes and techniques, with an emphasis on temperature control;
  • food handler hygiene, and
  • cleaning, sanitizing, and facility maintenance.