October 12, 2011
Day in the Life – Information Technology

Kerri Tojcic, Computer Technician Analyst, gave a presentation on the many functions supported by the IT Team that enable Public Health staff to perform their public health roles. She described how technology is incorporated into daily activities, such as multimedia devices during prenatal classes, wireless flu vaccination clinics, tablets for food premises inspections, and maintaining the overall phone system, servers, network security from hacking/viruses and individual workstations. Hiawatha First Nation Health and Social Services Update (more…)

The Peterborough Public Health would like to remind local residents of some important health and safety tips they can use to ensure that Halloween remains an enjoyable experience for everyone. Halloween has increasingly become focused on shelling out treats, more than on the history and meaning of the celebration. The food industry sees Halloween as an economic opportunity. Every October candy, confectionery and snack food sales at large retailers spike to a total of over $300 million (2008) in Canada. “Take the opportunity to talk to your children about Halloween, and look for activities that don’t centre just on treats,” said Paula Mattie, Public Health Nurse at Public Health. “Take time to enjoy activities in the community, viewing Halloween-themed movies, or doing seasonal crafts. As your children grow older discuss the impact of commercialization and marketing of (more…)

New Facebook Application Celebrates All Quit Attempts to Encourage Long-Term Success
Now you can use Facebook to help you quit smoking by involving friends who want to support you.

Designed for social media users, the “Quit Exchange” request can be started on Facebook by those who want to help a friend quit or by someone ready to quit who wants to challenge a friend to support them,” says Mary Pat Fasken, a Public Health Nurse with Peterborough Public Health. “The 20-24 age group represents the largest group of people who smoke in the province,” said Mrs. Fasken. “Yet they can be the hardest to reach because many don’t (more…)