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Raising Sexually Healthy Children

Why is it important for you to talk with your young children about their bodies and sexuality?

  • Children are sexual people from birth, playing with toes, fingers, bellybuttons, and “private parts”
  • Toddlers already know that boys and girls are different
  • Preschoolers ask “Where do babies come from? “
  • Older children wonder if they are “normal”
  • Unfortunately, children cannot avoid inappropriate and negative sexual messages; they are everywhere, including the media (TV, videos, and internet) and marketing , which emphasize “the perfect body” and glorify sexual activity

Children need healthy sexual messages to grow up to be sexually-healthy adults. By promoting the development of healthy sexuality, we are promoting sexual safety. By taking the opportunity now to talk openly, and satisfy their curiosity, we increase the chances that children will continue to come to us for help in sorting out all the confusing messages they will receive about sexuality as they grow.

Care for Kids is an Early Childhood Sexual Health Promotion and Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. This program has been implemented in several daycare and elementary schools in Peterborough City and County, on a request basis. Staff in your child’s daycare or school may be able to implement Care for Kids.


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