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Reducing the Risks

The safest way to avoid the risks associated with cannabis is to abstain from use. For people  who do use cannabis the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has developed Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines with 10 recommendations aimed at limiting possible harms associated with use. These include:

  • Cannabis use has health risks best avoided by abstaining
  • Delay taking up cannabis use until later in life
  • Identify and choose lower-risk cannabis products
  • Don’t use synthetic cannabinoids
  • Avoid smoking burnt cannabis—choose safer ways of using
  • If you smoke cannabis, avoid harmful smoking practices
  • Limit and reduce how often you use cannabis
  • Don’t use and drive, or operate other machinery
  • Avoid cannabis use altogether if you are at risk for mental health problems or are pregnant
  • Avoid combining the risks identified above

Printed copies of this resource are also available at Peterborough Public Health (185 King Street, Peterborough).

There are also risks associated with personal cannabis cultivation.  The National Collaborating Centre’s Environmental Health report Growing at Home: Health and Safety Concerns for Personal Cannabis Cultivation outlines some risks and considerations for home cannabis cultivation.