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Medical Use of Cannabis

Cannabis use has been found to have therapeutic or medicinal effects to improve symptoms for some health conditions. However, research is lacking or has not supported use for many conditions and you should consult your health care provider if you are considering using cannabis to help manage a health condition.

Where can medical cannabis be used?

In Ontario, it has been proposed that use of medical cannabis that is not smoked or vaped may be permitted almost anywhere. It has been proposed to prohibit the use of medical cannabis while driving or having care or control of a vehicle or boat, whether or not the vehicle or boat is in motion (unless the vehicle or boat is being used as a residence, and is parked/docked).

Smoking or vaping of medical cannabis will be prohibited in public places where tobacco smoking and electronic cigarette use is prohibited (e.g. enclosed workplaces, outdoor patios, motor vehicles with children inside, hospitals, common areas of multi-unit residences, school properties or playgrounds).

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