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Local COVID-19 Cases & Status

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Current Situation (as of 4:27 PM EST November 26, 2020)

Total confirmed cases:  204
Active cases: 21
Resolved cases: 178
Deaths: 5
Date last case reported to Public Health: November 26, 2020

COVID-19 Case Data: All Ontario

Ontario COVID-19 Response Framework

Peterborough Public Health Level: PROTECT

The Government of Ontario has created a  COVID-19 Response Framework to guide the implementation of public health measures in different regions of the province.  This framework details the level of restrictions placed on a region based on the region’s risk for further COVID-19 cases.

As the threat of COVID-19 increases in a community, stronger restrictions will be put in place to keep people safe.

Learn more about the impact these levels have on our community and which level other Public Health Unit regions are in.

Visit Peterborough Public Health’s COVID-19 Framework Response page for more information