Registered Dietitians Encourage Local Residents to Take the “100 Meal Journey”

Written by admin, March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016 – Campaign Geared at Making Simple Changes One Meal at a Time

As Nutrition Month gets underway today for the month of March, Registered Dietitians at Peterborough Public Health are inviting local residents to join in the national campaign to take the “100 meal journey”.

“We know that only 39% of our residents aged 12 years and older are getting the recommended five servings of vegetables and fruit daily,” said Luisa Magalhaes, Registered Dietitian.  “We eat about 100 meals in a month.  Instead of trying to change everything at once, we’re encouraging people to try making a small, lasting goal and stick with it, one meal at a time.”

Ms. Magalhaes also noted that across Ontario, the average sodium intake from food is 2,871 mg per day which is well above the recommended daily amount of 1,500-2,300 mg.

“Small healthy switches to meals and snacks make a big difference, especially when you continue them over time,” says Magalhaes. “Think about what you eat each day and where can you make a positive, easy change.”

Ms. Magalhaes said to get started on the road to healthier eating, choose a small, meaningful nutrition goal. Try to add a vegetable to your dinner plate. Choose whole grains instead of white bread most of the time. Serve smaller portions. Swap out salt in a recipe for herbs or spices. Or, enjoy a piece of fruit for snacks instead of sweet or salty treats.

Here are some more tips to get you going!

  • Quality Counts! Nourishing foods promote health and can help you feel your best. Switch sugary drinks for water. Choose fibre and protein rich foods that fill you up. Jump start your day with a good breakfast.
  • Prioritize Portion Size! How much you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Try using smaller plates. Split an entrée when eating out. Eat snacks out of a serving bowl instead of the large package.
  • Try Something New! Find a new favorite recipe. Try a new spice. Add zing to your water with mint, berries, or citrus wedges.
  • Make It Stick! Find ways to stay on track. Tell a friend about the changes you are making. Read food and menu labels. Plan for managing detours along the way. Have wholesome grab and go foods for those busy days!

A dietitian can also help to get you back on your healthy eating track. For more info on making small, lasting, healthy changes:

For fast and delicious snack and meal ideas and meal planning tips:


Tour a grocery store with a Registered Dietitian guiding you to healthy food choices.  Call 705-742-2733 to register for a Supermarket Tour on Wednesday March 9, 2016 from 7:00-8:30 p.m.


For further information, please contact:
Luisa Magalhaes, MHSc, RD
Public Health Nutritionist
(705) 743-1000, ext. 233