Provincial E-Cigarette Ban Makes Enforcement Easier

Written by admin, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 – Public Health Calls For More Product Regulation As Concerns Grow Regarding Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Today’s announcement from the Ontario government that it plans to prohibit e-cigarettes use wherever smoking is not permitted, and ban sales to minors, displays and promotion, was commended by Peterborough Public Health.

“This helps reduce the confusion when it comes to enforcing smoke-free places, and also upholds the cultural value that smoking in any form is socially unacceptable,” said Donna Churipuy, Manager of Environmental Health Programs with Public Health.  “Peterborough’s leadership over the years creating smoke-free spaces is an important part of public health’s success lowering tobacco use rates overall, so we’re pleased to see this latest provincial effort to protect the health of all residents.”

While today’s legislation makes it easier to enforce smoke-free places, Public Health pointed out that further regulation is needed to control the safety of e-cigarette products.  Currently there is no oversight governing how much nicotine or other chemicals are loaded into e-cigarette vials, causing poisoning in children in other parts of North America. Health units across the province have called for more legislation to address the growing concern of exposure to e-cigarette vapours containing nicotine and other chemicals.

In addition to its plans to restrict the use of e-cigarettes, the Ontario government also announced proposed changes that would make tobacco products less tempting by banning flavoured tobacco, including menthol. These changes are part of the province’s efforts to have the lowest smoking rate in Canada.




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