Peterborough Public Health Thanks Community for Efforts in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic to Date

Written by Comms Team, September 13, 2022

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Newly completed analysis estimates 265 to 291 lives may have been saved through preventive measures embraced by the community 

Peterborough Public Health is thanking residents of the region for their tremendous efforts at preventing COVID-19 over the last two and half years.

“The pandemic has been difficult for us all, even if not directly impacted by illness or death,” said Dr. Thomas Piggott, Medical Officer of Health. “The prevention measures have impacted everyone in various ways and this impact cannot be taken lightly. We want to thank every single person in our community who did their part to protect themselves, loved ones, and neighbours from the COVID-19 virus. It is thanks to your actions that many lives have been saved.”

In the Peterborough Public Health region, we have experienced 99 deaths with 69 during 2022 already. Mayor of Selwyn Township and Board Chair for Peterborough Public Health’s Board of Health, Andy Mitchell said, “These lives lost are tragic and our deepest condolences go to the family and friends who have lost loved ones through the pandemic.”

Today, Peterborough Public Health is releasing modeling data on lives saved due to community participation in COVID-19 prevention efforts. Through an analysis completed using local data and data from two prominent peer reviewed modelling studies published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) and the Lancet, PPH can estimate that prevention measures such as masking, contact tracing, isolation requirements, vaccinations, ventilation improvements, and efforts to reduce close contacts may have saved as many as 265 to 291 lives in our community.

“I want to thank all our residents who, during very challenging times, have stepped up, helped their fellow residents, and made Peterborough region a safer place” added Board Chair Andy Mitchell

The graph linked here shows deaths due to COVID-19 in the Peterborough Public Health region in orange. The blue figure shows the estimated deaths if the region had a similar pandemic experience to the United States of America from the CMAJ study. The green figures show the estimated deaths if the region had a similar approach to lower income countries who had limited access to a vaccine from the Lancet study.

“We are estimating that between 265 to 291 lives of our community members have been saved during the pandemic thanks to our collective efforts. This means over 250 families still have their loved ones with them.” Dr. Piggott added, “This is not only a significant impact for our community members, these prevention efforts also have an impact on our healthcare system.”

Dr. Piggott reminds residents, “we are now in a better place in this pandemic with increased vaccination and treatments, however, the pandemic continues. These preventive measures have protected us and with everyone’s continued efforts, will continue to protect our community.”

Peterborough Public Health is currently in the moderate risk level of the local COVID-19 risk index. Residents are encouraged to continue to use the Local COVID-19 Risk Index to make decisions about their health as we learn to live with fluctuating transmission levels. Current guidance recommended under the moderate level is to limit attendance at high-risk indoor settings, wear a mask in high-risk indoor spaces or when interacting with individuals who may be at higher risk, limit social gathering to under 25 people and try to gather outdoors whenever possible. Increased precautions are important for those at risk of severe disease including those who are not yet vaccinated or are not up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccines, older adults (60+), immunocompromised individuals or those with medical risk factors for severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19.

In addition to thanking the residents in our community, Peterborough Public Health would also like to thank partners from Municipal governments, First Nations, the provincial and federal governments for the leadership in the COVID-19 response to date.

Peterborough Public Health will launch its new 2022-2025 Strategic Plan tomorrow on Wednesday September 14 at 4:00 p.m. Residents are invited to watch a live stream of the event on Peterborough Public Health’s YouTube channel at


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