Peterborough Public Health Notifying Residents of Potential Surface Water Contamination

Written by Comms Team, March 17, 2023

Residents advised that Peterborough Public Health continues to work with partners to monitor the situation.

On Thursday March 16 and Friday March 17, increased discharge of diesel fuel was reported on Jackson Creek at the outlet to Little Lack, resulting in a visible oil sheen on the surface of the water. The Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks has directed the City of Peterborough to increase containment measures using booms and vacuum trucks to remove contaminated material. Peterborough Public Health continues to work with the City and Ministry to monitor the situation, including any potential health impacts.  

Peterborough Public Health is notifying residents who live downstream from the City of Peterborough of the discharge of diesel fuel into Jackson Creek. The source of the fuel discharge is believed to be from historical contamination of several properties in the neighbouring area.

Impact beyond the local area is not anticipated at this time. However, out of an abundance of caution, the Ministry has ordered surface water sampling to be conducted to ensure the safety of downstream water users. Citizens downstream of the City of Peterborough should report the presence of oil sheens or fuel odour to the Spills Action Centre by calling 1-866-MOE-TIPS (1-866-663-8477) or filing a report online at

City of Peterborough residents are advised that the municipal water supply is unaffected by this spill because the municipal water supply is drawn upstream and treated before going into residents’ homes. 



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