Information for the Public:
Mandatory Face Coverings

Lasted Edited/Reviewed: 9:15 am October 9, 2020

On Friday, Oct. 2, the Ontario government mandated the use of face coverings in the indoor areas of all businesses/organizations, with limited exemptions. This means that members of the public are required to wear a face covering when entering or remaining in the indoor public space of any establishment, transit vehicle, or commercial vehicle.

Exemptions for Face Coverings

While many people can safely tolerate and wear face coverings, some people cannot. It is important to remember that you cannot tell by looking at an individual whether or not they have a condition that may restrict them from wearing a face covering.

  1. Reg. 364/20: Rules for Areas for Stage 3 provides the exemptions for the use of face coverings. For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions about Face Coverings

Infographic: Face Coverings – What You Need to Know

Poster: How to Safely Wear and Clean a Face Covering

Poster: Face Coverings: Do’s and Don’ts

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