COVID-19 – Mandatory Face Coverings / Masks

Updated:  4:04 p.m., August 3, 2021

Any person (including those who have been fully vaccinated) who enters an indoor area of a business or organization, or a vehicle operating as part of a business or organization, in the province of Ontario is required by Orders currently in force under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act to wear a face covering/mask with limited exemptions.

A face covering (otherwise known as a non-medical mask or cloth mask) that contains the proper material and has a good fit can prevent your respiratory droplets from infecting someone else and may also protect you from others. The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that Canadians use face coverings made of at least three-layers with one of the layers being a filter to add an extra layer of protection against COVID-19. A face covering must securely cover the nose, mouth, and chin, and be in contact with the surrounding face without gapping.

If you qualify for an exemption and are not able to wear a face covering, you are encouraged to use online ordering and delivery services.  A list of establishments offering these services can be found here.  Following these public health measures is the safest approach, especially to prevent the spread of any COVID-19 variants of concern.

The requirement to wear a face covering changes to a requirement to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (medical grade  mask approved by Health Canada and eye protection) for any person who is delivering a service (i.e., office worker, coach, trainer, server at a restaurant, hair dresser, etc.), and is require to come within 2 metres of a person who is not wearing a face covering, and is not separated by an impermeable barrier.  There are no exemptions for this requirement.

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