Covid-19 Current Status, shutdown province wide

COVID-19 – Workplaces

Last Edited/Reviewed: 8:43 a.m., January 14, 2021

As of January 12, 2021 the Province of Ontario has announced tighter restrictions in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19. As part of the new restrictions, the Province has issued a “stay at home order”. People should only go out only for essential trips, such as to pick up groceries or go to medical appointments. By implementing these measures and asking everyone to stay home, we can stay safe and save lives. Click here to read more about the measures that will take effect. We are in the process of reviewing the changes and will update our website shortly.

“Remote work should happen in all industries to the greatest extent possible. Employers should enable and support workers to work remotely and accommodate household needs related to virtual education and dependent care.” (

Businesses That May Open (O. Reg. 82/20)

Type of retail business Type of service permitted
In-person shopping By appointment Curbside

pick-up* and delivery

Supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, indoor farmers markets, other stores that primarily sell food, and pharmacies       YES at 50% capacity          YES          YES

Discount and big box retailers that sell groceries to the public, and stores that sell alcohol

      YES at 25% capacity          YES          YES

Safety supply stores, businesses that sell, rent or repair assistive/mobility/medical devices, and optical stores that sell prescription eyewear to the public

          NO          YES          YES

Motor/recreational vehicle sales

         NO    YES with restrictions          YES

Outdoor markets, including farmer’s markets and holiday markets, only if they primarily sell food to the public

    YES with restrictions          YES          YES

Retail stores operated by a telecommunications provider or service

         NO YES Repairs, technical support only          YES

General retail (all other retail, including hardware stores, pet food, computer stores, etc.)

         NO          NO          YES

* Businesses allowing curbside pick-up must:

  • have a public entrance that opens onto a street or exterior sidewalk, or
  • in the case of a business in a shopping mall, permit patrons to pick up the items at a designated location established by the shopping mall.

Review O. Reg. 82/20  for more information.

Business Toolkits & Checklists
Wearing a Mask
Workplace Screening for COVID-19
Being COVID-19 Safe in the Workplace
Workplace Signage
Personal Care Services
Restaurant & Bars

Business Toolkits and Checklists

Operating a business during the COVID-19 pandemic: Toolkit for Establishments and Businesses
COVID-19 Safety Plans: Retail Businesses Checklist
COVID-19 Safety Plans: Business or Organization Checklist

Peterborough Public Health continues to take a prevention focus for COVID-19. Businesses must remain compliant to help ensure further restrictions aren’t imposed. Customers must remain vigilant to ensure further restrictions aren’t imposed.

Businesses who have questions about closures of workplaces or how emergency measures impact their business or employment can call the Stop the Spread Business Information Line at 1-888-444-3659. Help is available from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To learn more about COVID-19 levels by region, and which level Peterborough Public Health is in please visit the COVID-19 Response page.

Wearing a Mask:

Wearing a mask is mandatory when shopping, dining, or working in most workplaces in the City and County of Peterborough. There are a limited number of exemptions.

Screening for COVID-19:

Businesses, workplaces, and organizations are required by law to actively screen their employees, volunteers, and essential visitors at the beginning of each shift.

Does your employee have symptoms?

Does the self-assessment tool recommend testing?

Is your employee reporting that they have been in contact with someone who may have tested positive?

  • If you have not been contacted by Public Health, your workplace is not considered to be at risk of infection and work may continue as usual. Close contacts of a confirmed or probable positive case will be contacted by Public Health and advised of next steps.

Is your employee reporting that they have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or someone who travelled?

Workplace COVID-19 Prevention:

This information and much more can be found in the Workplace Toolkit.

General Information for Businesses and Workplaces:

Workplaces: General Signage (Provincial resources)

Personal Care Services

Personal Care services are not permitted to operate at this time.

Restaurants and Bars and Nightclubs

Restaurants, Bars, Food & Drink Establishments and Nightclubs are all impacted by the provincial shutdown, which takes effect on December 26, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. All indoor and outdoor dining/eating areas must be closed. Only take out, drive through or delivery services are permitted. Nightclubs may operate as a restaurant or food & drink establishment, provided that there is no dining.

The following provides a quick summary of the public health measures that must be complied with in restaurants, bars and other food & drink establishments:

  • All establishments must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • Masks and face coverings are required in indoor areas of the premises by staff and patrons, with limited exemptions.
  • Nightclubs are not yet safe to open, except for the purpose of serving food or drinks to patrons in accordance with the conditions that apply to restaurants and bars.
  • Dining at or in the establishment is prohibited.
  • Buffet-style service is prohibited.
  • Capacity in the establishment must be limited so that patrons can maintain at least 2 metres from those not within their own household. Capacity limits must be posted.
  • Measures must also be implemented to ensure that staff are distanced 2 metres from other staff and patrons.
  • All staff must be actively screened prior to beginning their shift.

For more information, refer to O. Reg. 82/20: Rules for Areas in Stage 1 (specifically Schedule 1 – General Rules and Schedule 2 – Businesses that May Open, section 3). The Province’s guidance related to the shutdown can be found here.