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Peterborough Public Health is responsible for the inspection of all public recreational water facilities (public pools, public spas, wading pools and splash pads) in the City and County of Peterborough, Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations.

Public recreational water facilities are inspected regularly by public health inspectors to prevent and reduce the risk of water borne-illnesses and life-threatening injuries. Infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa parasites can survive in recreational water and cause an outbreak of waterborne infections, such as respiratory infections, intestinal infections, and infections of the eyes, ears, throat and skin. Broken or missing drain covers are dangerous and can cause evisceration or body, finger and hair entrapment that can lead to drowning.

Owners and operators of public pools, public spas, splash pads and wading pools are required to operate and maintain the pool or spa according to the Ontario Public Pools Regulations 565 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. R.R.O 2017.

Public health inspectors perform routine inspections, and provide information and guidance to the owners and operators of these facilities to ensure compliance of the law and a safe and healthy recreational water environment for the public.

The Ontario Public Health Standards (2018) states public recreational water facilities must be at minimum inspected at the following frequencies:

Public Pools: At least once every three months (seasonal and year round pools) to ensure compliance with the Recreational Water Protocol, 2018.

Public Spas: At least once every three months (seasonal and year round spas) to ensure compliance with the Recreational Water Protocol, 2018.

Public Wading Pools & Spray/Splash Pads: At least once per year to monitor sanitation and safety, and assess consistency with the Recreational Water Protocol, 2018.

*If a pool or spa is closed for construction, alteration, or closure of more than four weeks, an inspection must be conducted prior to reopening. 

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