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COVID-19 – Reporting Complaints

Last Edited/Reviewed: January 19, 2022 

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Complaints Relating to Proof of Vaccine Requirements
Complaints Relating to Social Gatherings
Complaints Relating to Masks (Face Coverings)
Complaints/Concerns Relating to COVID-19 Public Health Measures
Employee Occupational Health and Safety Concerns
Resources for Businesses and Workplaces
Zero Tolerance

Complaints Relating to Proof of Vaccine Requirements

The businesses and organizations that require proof of vaccination from patrons include:

  • Indoor areas of meeting and event spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor areas of food and drink establishments with dance facilities, including nightclubs and restoclubs and other similar establishments
  • Indoor areas of restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments without dance facilities
  • Indoor areas of facilities used for sport and recreational fitness activities, including waterparks, and personal fitness training
  • Indoor areas of casinos, bingo halls, and other gaming establishments
  • Indoor areas of concert venues, theatres, and cinemas
  • Indoor areas of bathhouses, sex clubs, and strip clubs
  • Indoor areas of horse racing tracks, car racing tracks and other similar venues
  • Indoor areas where film and TV production take place with studio audiences

For more information, visit the Proof of Vaccine webpage. If you have a complaint or concern about a business not requiring proof of vaccine, or inappropriately collecting your personal health information, please review the options for reporting complaints and concerns relating to COVID-19 public health measures.

Complaints Relating to Social Gatherings

Maximum indoor and outdoor gathering limits change frequently. To learn about the gathering limits currently in effect, click here. To report concerns related to social gatherings to local or provincial police, you must use the non-emergency number. Do not call 911!  

  • Peterborough Police Service non-emergency line: 705-876-1122
  • Ontario Provincial Police non-emergency line: 1-888-310-1122


Complaints Relating to Masks (Face Coverings)

Masks and face coverings continue to be mandatory for indoor public settings, subject to certain exemptions listed in the Persons responsible for a business or establishment are expected to take steps to ensure that patrons comply with masking requirements, such as asking patrons to put on a mask upon entry, having reminder signage at the point of entry, or having reminders over P.A. systems. However, individuals also have their own personal responsibility to comply with masking requirements, and not all onus can be placed on the business or organization. It is also important to be aware that the applicable public health legislation does not prohibit a private business from implementing a mask policy that is more rigorous than the provincial requirements.

Complaints regarding individuals not wearing a mask or face covering in an indoor setting will be reviewed by Peterborough Public Health, and responded to based on frequency and severity. If you have complaints or concerns related to mask use, you are encouraged to speak to the person responsible for the business or establishment before contacting public health. You may also review the options for reporting complaints and concerns relating to COVID-19 public health measures.


Complaints & Concerns Relating to COVID-19 Public Health Measures

Peterborough Public Health educates and consults with businesses, workplaces and establishments regarding the implementation of preventative, public health measures. Enforcement action, including charges, will be administered when necessary.

Complaints received about lack of public health measures are responded to in order of priority based on risk to public health. On-site inspections of establishments will be conducted, as necessary, by our public health inspectors.

If you have a complaint or concern about an establishment that is not following the appropriate public health measures for the prevention of COVID-19, you may consider one of the following options:

    • Report your concerns to the manager or owner of the establishment; often, persons responsible for the operation are unaware of the concern, and appreciate the information and opportunity to correct the issue;
    • Complete our online complaint form;

For all complaints, we do ask for the complainant’s contact information in the event that additional information is required by the investigator. Please note that due to the high volume of complaints received, you will only be contacted by a member of our enforcement team if additional information is required. Our enforcement team strives to protect the identity of all complainants.


Employee Occupational Health & Safety Concerns

If you have COVID-19 concerns or questions about your workplace please call:

  • Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development’s Health and Safety Contact Centre at 1-877-202-0008.

Additional resources have been developed for various sectors by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, which can be found here.

To report complaints or concerns about lack of compliance with COVID-19 Safety Plans or public health measures, contact the Ministry of Labour at the phone number provided above.


Resources for Businesses and Workplaces

Businesses and workplaces that have questions about the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act and the associated regulations can call Ontario’s Stop the Spread Business Information Line at 1-888-444-3659.

Businesses should also refer to the provincial Roadmap to Reopen Ontario. Please also review our webpage dedicated to workplaces.


Zero Tolerance

Respect is a core value of Peterborough Public Health. This drives our commitment to professionalism and effective communication.

We are pleased to take your calls and emails but Peterborough Public Health has zero tolerance for anyone who uses profane, abusive or disrespectful language. Any such calls and emails will not be responded to, and where these messages include threats, police will be contacted.