March 19,


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The Peterborough Youth Service Provider Information app is a tool for youth in need of services, and the adults that work with those youth.

Need to find a food bank? It’s in the app. Want to know the bus schedule? It’s in the app. Are you a pregnant teen that needs to talk to someone? It’s in the app. Interested in local recreation opportunities? It’s in the app. (You get the idea… if it’s of interest to YOUth – it’s in the app!).

YSPI is designed to connect Peterborough youth to the services they need. It’s kind of like a spare tire in your trunk, or first aid kit in your back pack – you don’t know when you will need it – but when you do, you’ll be glad you downloaded it!

Ready to install? The YSPI App is FREE and available for free on the three major platforms:

1) From your Smartphone or tablet, click on the logo for your device, OR

2) Use a QR Code scanner to scan the QR Code for your device, OR

3) On Android and Apple devices, search YSPI in your App store, OR





Last modified on May 08, 2013