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Septic Systems

Privately owned sewage disposal systems such as privies, leaching pits, cesspools, septic tank systems and holding tanks must be installed and maintained in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. Permits and inspections are required for installations of sewage systems and alterations to buildings or sewage systems under the code. Peterborough Public Health is the agency responsible for privately owned sewage systems in the County and City of Peterborough.

North Kawartha Residents:

Commencing May 18, 2014 Peterborough Public Health will no longer be conducting the septic sewage system management program in North Kawartha (Burleigh, Anstruther and Chandos).  Homeowners in this area are advised to contact the Township of North Kawartha for further information at 705-656-4445 or by clicking here. For any information, required inspections, with respect to permits issued prior to May 18, 2014 please contact Peterborough Public Health.

Sewage System Permits

Permit for Class 4 Sewage System, design capacity less than or equal to 4500 litres per day ($700)

Permit for Class 4 Sewage System, design capacity greater than 4500 litres per day and less than 10,000 litres per day  ($1200)

Permit for Class 4 Sewage System Tank Replacement Only ($400)

Permit for Class 5 Sewage System (Holding Tank) ($700)

Permit for Class 3 Sewage System (Cesspool) ($500)

Permit for Class 2 Sewage System (Greywater System) Sewage System ($500)

Permit for Trench Bed repair or extension of 16 metres or less Sewage ($500)

System Permit for Filter Bed repair, replacement or extension of 6 square metres or less ($500)

Change of Use Permit (Existing)

Existing System Inspection (Sewage Systems Permit for change of use or building addition, comments on minor variance, or rezoning) ($350)

Rezoning or Minor Variance

Rezoning or minor variance comments requiring a site visit ($250)

Severance or Subdivision Comments

First lot ($250)
Each additional lot ($150)

Severance or Subdivision Re-inspection

First lot ($25)
Each additional lot ($150)


Copies of Archived permits ($35)

File Search

File search (e.g., Lawyer, real estate), copies & letter ($125)

Cottage Country Septic Systems: A Video



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