May 21,

Body Art Safety

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Body Art Safety

Make Sure It’s Safe!

If you want the work done, get it done right. It’s your body and your health!

Protect Yourself – get the hepatitis B vaccine before you get a tattoo or piercing.

Choose Your Tattooing or Piercing Studio Wisely!?? The practices of tattooing (including micropigmentation) and body piercing have been around for centuries and the basic methods have not changed much over time.  What has changed is the risk of getting Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS or other blood-borne diseases. Anytime you pierce the skin with a needle, there is a chance of infection or an allergic reaction. Be a smart consumer – get it done with the least amount of risk involved.

To help you make an informed decision, click below for shopping tips, aftercare advice, potential risks and other useful information:

Last modified on May 13, 2013