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Overall Feedback:

“The course exceeded my expectations.  I learned a lot in terms of content.  I definitely feel more confident and informed. Thank you.

I came here because my partner wanted to. I didn’t expect to enjoy the classes, but I definitely did.  Judy was fantastic.”

“Thank you.  The classes made me feel less anxious about a lot of things.”

“Helen was an amazing instructor.  Very passionate and made it interesting to learn.  Enjoyed coming to class every Tuesday.”

“Thank you!  These classes were extremely helpful for me and I feel more confident now.”

“Leisa was an awesome instructor and helped ease the anxiety.”

“Thank you for the help in understanding what is to come.”

“Great classes.  I have already recommended to other parents.”

“Thank you for making our first experience more educational.”


“Great material.  Learned a lot.  Ready for baby.”

“Serena was an excellent teacher.  Thank you so much for the lessons and kindness.”

“A great experience. Thank you!”

“I feel more informed and confident.”

“Thanks so much.  You were great and very informative.”

“Great instructor.  Thank you!”

“Very well organized”

“Very informative.  The little activities helped break up the time and provided additional ways to learn”

“Jennifer was very knowledgeable and helpful on all questions or concerns.  Thanks”

“Great job!”

“Great classes.  Were welcoming.  Made us feel much better and prepared.”

“Great resource. Thanks so much”

He Said/She Said

He Said:

The most helpful thing I learned was:

  • Confidence
  • Everything.  I cannot choose just one thing.  The classes and all that as taught was helpful
  • I can do this
  • Too much to single on one
  • All was crucial
  • That we are on the right track
  • About the labour and delivery process
  • We will be fine
  • What to expect leading up to the big day
  • Overview of birth process in order to provide support
  • Go with your gut feeling and what works for one may not for another
  • All of it.  I am a first time dad and had no knowledge of any of this.
  • Be supportive for my wife and baby though delivery.
  • The types of things I need to advocate for my wife
  • The information about how to support your partner
  • Learning what is normal and what to expect
  • Comfort measures during to relax my wife
  • How much help the support person can be to the mommy during labour
  • Comfort measures and birth tips-breastfeeding was great
  • Breathing techniques for my spouse
  • Support role
  • Information specific to PRHC
  • Role in delivery room (comfort techniques) and tools for breathing
  • The unpredictability of labour, delivery and after-care.  To be prepared for anything
  • Stay calm
  • How to provide support to my wife during labour
  • Up- to- date knowledge and care tips
  • How to be prepared for the baby
  • How to take care of mom and baby in the first few moments of life
  • Post -delivery strategies for coping
  • Breastfeeding and pain medication
  • Practical care for newborn/baby
  • Learning about breastfeeding and different ways to do it
  • Preparing the baby’s crib.  How to advocate for my wife during labour
  • Swaddling and baby comfort
  • I felt it was important for my wife to hear from a professional the limitations after birth
  • That it’s okay to make mistakes
  • Understanding the baby

What I liked the most:

  • Learning that it is okay to admit that you may not have any idea what to do.
  • Variety of unbiased information
  • Different techniques on how to be a confidant, capable support person
  • Activities were fun, it was easy to learn
  • Varied topics and ample content
  • That we learned everything from pre to post natal and what to expect with it all
  • Lots of hand-outs
  • Birth plan
  • The broad range of topics that I would not have considered looking up myself
  • Info for care when returning home
  • Variety of teaching aids
  • The teacher was very informative
  • Learning something new every class
  • Information to take along after class to reinforce class
  • The video presentations and hand-on activities
  • Videos of human experience
  • Atmosphere. It was very relaxed
  • The calm, friendly yet professionalism of the educator.  Terrific job!
  • Interaction with group
  • Cookies, cheese and juice
  • Visual pictures of what to prepare for birth
  • Met expectations
  • Very detailed instructions. Great help
  • The video clips. It helps to see things as they actually happen
  • Different ways of learning: visual, handouts, stations
  • How enthusiastic the educator was-gave personal experiences and was very helpful
  • Claire was a great instructor, organized and professional
  • A lot of information in a relatively short time-good overall info & cookies and juice
  • The group work.  Realizing everyone has same concerns
  • How personable the instructor was with the class and very involved in the course
  • Talking with others who are going through the same experience
  • A welcoming environment for new parents learning skills together
  • Instructor was excellent
  • Group sessions, laid back and relaxed mood

She Said:

The most helpful thing I learned was:

  • 90% of every class
  • Many helpful things-lots of topic/questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask
  • Learning about labour and delivery and what to expect
  • Phases of labour and different interventions during labour
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support
  • It was all helpful
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • All new and updated info
  • The stages of the natural birth and labour-it was the first time it didn’t seem terrifying
  • The process of having a baby at the hospital.  What to expect
  • Things to make labour more comfortable
  • About all the options for pain relief during labour
  • Pain management techniques that involve no meds
  • Positioning during labour
  • Breathing techniques
  • Pain intervention, learning to identify baby cues and comfort measures
  • Motivation and techniques for success
  • How to cope with labour naturally
  • About the different medication side effects
  • To relax and let things happen.  Release control somewhat
  • What to expect in the delivery room
  • Pain management and medical interventions
  • Realistic expectations about birthing process and bringing baby home
  • How an epidural is administered
  • Learning about the birth plan
  • About the different obstacles we may face
  • To go with the flow with labour-comforting my baby
  • How to be better prepared for life with a baby
  • Infant care- a lot of this was new to me and very helpful
  • Crib safety.  We took some things back to the store
  • Transition to parenting
  • Safe sleep
  • Information about baby care bathing, breastfeeding etc
  • Hard to pick one thing-breastfeeding information
  • Tips for breastfeeding and being a new parent and dealing with the ups and downs of the days
  • Breastfeeding techniques and tips
  • About breastfeeding and tummy time
  • All the handouts with important information
  • Where to find support in our community

What I liked the most:

  • Dads learning to breastfeed
  • I loved the combination of activities, facts and visual presenter
  • Things were discussed frankly and questions were welcomed and always answered
  • Being with other pregnant moms
  • Seeing detailed explanations on the videos along with the verbal explanations
  • Spending dedicated time each week learning aspects of labour/baby care
  • Hands on experience and interactive
  • Taking time to think about the challenges of labour and caring for a newborn instead of ignoring or procrastinating in talking about it
  • The flow of the class
  • Videos and interactive group activities
  • The self- guided displays
  • The activities and centres to promote discussion
  • Is that Sarah is so calm when she speaks and through the class somehow she gave me a little more confidence about becoming a parent
  • All of the interactive activities and teaching methods
  • The videos, opportunities to model or try techniques
  • Ruth was great!  She was a great instructor. Very engaging and to the point.
  • Emphasis on normal birth
  • Conversations with my husband about class material
  • Good interaction with other first time parents
  • Sharing and the interaction between others and our educator
  • The class environment
  • The openness of the group
  • Hearing other couple’s tips and learning from people’s experiences
  • Interaction with others.  Knowing you are not alone and there is lots of support
  • Importance of communication with spouse
  • Learning with my husband
  • Snacks
  • Easy to learn, lots of hand-outs
  • Good pace
  • Videos, real stories and experiences
  • Small class size/good time of day to hold it

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