May 21,

Classes (online)

Classes (online)

Prenatal classes remain the most popular way for parents expecting their first baby to receive childbirth education.   They are highly recommended by health care professionals because they provide a comprehensive and enriched learning experience.

Online prenatal programs are an alternative option if you are interested in accessing prenatal health education but are unable to attend face-to-face sessions because of scheduling, health, transportation or accessibility reasons.  Maybe this is your second or third time around and you just need a refresher!

Several options are available:

  • Thunder Bay Online Prenatal Classes FREE
  • Birth and Babies Online (Alberta Health Services)  FREE
  • Breastfeeding Information for Parents: (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Toronto Durham Regional Health Department)  FREE
  • Lamaze Online Classes: (Lamaze International)  COST

It is also possible to create a customized prenatal education plan.  We would be happy to help you identify your learning needs and guide you through this process.   Call our FamilyHEALTHline at 705 743-1000 Monday to Friday between 8:30 am- 4:30 pm or connect by e-mail.

Last modified on Jan 18, 2017