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Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Promoting and Supporting Your Family’s Health

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children (HBHC) is a free program for pregnant women and families with children up to six years old.

Before Your Baby is Born:
If you are pregnant, a Public Health Nurse can help you and your partner get ready for your new baby.

After Baby is Born:
A Public Health Nurse will call you at home to find out how you and your baby are doing, answer your questions, provide health information, and link your family to supports in the community.  If you wish, a home visit can be provided.

At Anytime:
Some families have more challenges and may want extra support.  A Public Health Nurse and Family Home Visitor can provide ongoing home visiting.  They can talk with you about:

  • having a healthy pregnancy
  • being a new parent
  • breastfeeding
  • feeding babies and young children
  • helping children grow and develop
  • keeping children safe
  • finding health programs and social services in the community

Public Health Nurses are Registered Nurses who know about health and illness, the community and ways to help families.  They can:

  • talk with you about your family and your concerns
  • help you make plans that are right for you
  • teach you about being a healthy family
  • advocate with you for programs and services that best meet your needs

Family Home Visitors have special training to work with families and children in the community.  They can:

  • offer encouragement and support in your role as a parent
  • help you solve problems
  • share parenting activities and ideas
  • help you find support in your community

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