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Healthy Eating – Pregnancy

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Healthy Eating - Pregnancy

Eating Well BEFORE Your Pregnancy

Planning to have a baby? Eating well and taking care of your body before you become pregnant will help you have a healthy pregnancy. Use this pre-pregnancy checklist to make sure your baby benefits from the best start possible.

Eating Well DURING Your Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, healthy eating takes on a whole new meaning. What you eat affects you and your baby. Healthy eating is so important during pregnancy and it all comes down to eating a variety of foods, including vegetables, fruit, whole grains and milk products. But healthy eating can sometimes be a challenge.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby is a great place to start for information about eating well during this special time.

Healthy Eating When you are Pregnant with More than One Baby 

Pregnancy is an exciting time, even more so if you are carrying more than one baby.  Now is a time to be sure you are eating well.  Healthy eating when you are pregnant with more than one baby includes information about the special nutrient needs for women who are pregnant with more than one baby.

Web site Links and Hand-outs

When we are working in the community with pregnant women, there are a few common questions that people ask us.  The following links and hand-outs are sources of nutrition information that you can trust.

Eating Well AFTER Your Pregnancy

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood. Your body has gone through a lot these past nine months and it still has a while to go before it is back to normal. The next few months are going to give you and your body a whole new set of challenges especially if you are a first time parent. Recovering from childbirth can be exhausting and might find your head spinning. Eating well during this time is almost as important as eating well during your pregnancy. A great place to start is with Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.

Being realistic about getting back into an old pair of jeans is also really important at this time.  We are all different, with varying levels of energy and stamina.  The most important thing for you to focus on at this point is your new family.  Congratulations and enjoy one day at a time.

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