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Developmental Screening

Developmental Screening

Be a Development Detective

The more you learn about your baby, the better you can encourage her development.

PLAY with your baby!

Every giggle, song and peek-a-boo game triggers brain development, laying the groundwork for who your child will become. 

LISTEN and talk to your baby!

Communication between you and your child starts the day your baby is born. 

LOOK at your baby! 

Watching everyday activities helps you to gather information about your child’s skills and progress.

Call the Infant and Toddler Development Program at (705) 743-1000 to ask about the Nipissing District Developmental Screen, a tool you can use to track and monitor your child’s development from birth to 6 years.

For more information about your child’s development, and the Infant and Toddler Development Program:


Last modified on Jun 22, 2017