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Talking to Your Kids

Talking to Your Kids

You are a major influence on your child’s behaviour – including their choices about using alcohol or other drugs. Having a caring adult willing to listen to them protects a teen from risk-taking behavior.

Get The Facts
Educate yourself. Obtain accurate,  up-to-date facts about alcohol and other drugs your child may encounter.

Encourage Questions

Use examples from the media as openings to talk about drugs and decision-making.

Work on listening to your child. This may turn out to be the most important thing you can do for your child.

Resources available from Public Health:
Parent Action Pack (facts on drugs and what you can do to prevent and deal with substance use concerns with your child/teen.) Your Family’s Rules about Alcohol, Other Drugs and Tobacco
(to complete with your family)

If your family is dealing with an alcohol or drug problem, there is help available

Many parents are already raising awareness with their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  What may be missing in this conversation is the respect we must show for over- the-counter and prescription drugs as well as vitamins and herbal remedies.

Many teens are abusing painkillers they obtain from home so it’s important to clean out old medicines and track and safeguard those you are still using.

Medications are the most common cause of poisoning in young children. For safety, keep the number for the Ontario Regional Poison Information Centre near your phone: 1 800 268-9017.  

Last modified on Jul 19, 2016