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Partners in Aging Well

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Partners in Aging Well

Injuries are both predictable and preventable.

Partners in Aging Well, is a  local collaborative of support and service organizations with a wide range of expertise and experience of working with older adults. The group works to take a central and lead role to

  • Identify risk factors for falls;
  •  Decrease the incidence of falls; and
  •  Decrease the incidence of injurious falls.

The group meet once a month (approximately). Membership is free,

PIAW works to  create and support a network of representatives from stakeholder organizations who have a role or primary interest in falls prevention across the continuum and provide a forum to plan, discuss, and support falls injury prevention initiatives, strategies, research and policy, across the community.

Through an integrated approach  where all partners are equal PIAW provides community leadership to advocate for community wide falls prevention strategies and interventions in Peterborough County and City.

PIAW members work hard to stay  informed of Falls Prevention quality practices and identify  evidence based interventions, services and activities which address the known risk factors causing falls among older adults.

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