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M + B 2B – Mom and Baby to Be: Niagara Region Public Health (For Apple Products only) 

The M+B 2B app is a credible, easy-to-use, fact-based resource that includes everything you want to know about planning a pregnancy through to birth. Some of the features include prenatal care tracking tools, weight gain calculator, physical activity planner, finding your closest emergency department, and receiving personal messages based on your stage of pregnancy.

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Wyni  – When You Need it Breastfeeding Info: University of Windsor, Windsor-Essex  County Public Health (Android and iPhone) 

This app gets you fast and reliable breastfeeding information in an interactive, fun and easy to use way. It answers commonly asked breastfeeding questions and concerns and allows you to track breastfeeds, baby’s diaper changes, and keep a record of your child’s growth. Included are colourful pictures, helpful diagrams, videos and a fun quiz to test your breastfeeding knowledge.


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Immunize Canada: Canadian Public Health Association, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

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The bilingual ImmunizeCA app logs your family`s vaccination history, sends you reminders when you and your children are due for vaccinations and alerts you to disease outbreaks in your area.  It also links you to  evidence-based and expert-reviewed information about recommended vaccinations for children, adults and travelers.

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