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Outdoor Workers

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Outdoor Workers

Outdoor Workers  Canadian Dermatology Association materials on sun safety at work  

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Manual – This 50-page manual was developed for human resources professionals to introduce a complete sun safety program for outdoor workers in their organization.  Includes a comprehensive explanation of sun and skin issues; current legislation on the workplace; suggested sun safety measures; developing sun safety policy, and Canadian educational materials available.

DVD – This 10 minute program, aimed at outdoor workers, will help this group learn the facts about skin cancer and find out safe, easy ways to protect themselves.  Also features a section on what skin cancers look like.

Brochure – This 3-panel brochure, which will fit into most office brochure racks, explains why outdoor workers have a greater risk of skin cancer and offers simple sun safety steps they can take.  It also features common sun safety myths and facts, as well as FAQs on this topic.

Poster – This mid-sized poster (14.5 inches by 9.5 inches) is suitable for office notice boards or patients rooms.  It features workers in various outdoor locations and promotes sun safety through seeking shade, wearing hats, clothing and sunscreen.

Last modified on Mar 17, 2017