May 21,

What To Do If Bitten

What To Do If Bitten

If bitten or scratched by an animal you think might be rabid, or if its saliva touches you, take the following steps without delay:

  1. Wash the affected parts of the body thoroughly with soap and water to dislodge virus particles.  The wound should be cleaned and flushed to its full depth for several minutes.
  2. After cleaning, apply an antiseptic.
  3. Call a doctor and tell him/her what happened
  4. Call Public Health to report the bite.  They will also want to know about the animal, who owns it, where it lives, what it looks like, etc

If the animal is a cat or dog it will be confined in isolation for a period of ten days.  Unusual behavior during this period could be a sign of rabies.

Last modified on Apr 21, 2015