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Food Safety

Food Safety

There are close to 1000 food premises in Peterborough City and County.  They include, among others, restaurants, supermarkets, butcher shops, and chip trucks as well as cafeterias and kitchens located in churches, daycares and long-term care facilities.

The goal of Peterborough Public Health’s food safety program is to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness (food poisoning) in Peterborough City and County by:

  • Routinely inspecting these establishments to ensure their compliance with the Food Premises Regulation, R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 562
  • Maintaining an up to date food safety disclosure system
  • Offering food handler training
  • Investigating complaints and reports of suspected foodborne illness  associated with food premises in Peterborough City and County
  • Providing information on home food safety

If you have any questions concerning food safety, please contact a health inspector at Peterborough Public Health.

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