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Maturation & Sexuality

Maturation & Sexuality

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Maturation & Sexuality – Grade 8

Resource: Curriculum Connections:
Sexuality and U | Ma sexualite

HPE: PS1.1, IS1.3, IS1.4, C1.4, C1.5, C2.4, C3.3
How The Body Works HPE: C1.5
Peel Sexual Health Talk to Me  HPE: C1.4, C2.4, C3.2, C3.3, PS1.1, CT1.5
Teaching Sexual Health Grade 8 lesson plans
See also “CALM” lesson plans. Created by Alberta Health Services, includes; lesson plans, teaching tools and resources. 
HPE: PS1.1, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5, C2.2, C2.4, C3.2
Public Health Nurses are available to teach the comprehensive grade 8 unit on maturation and sexuality. Contact:  The Sexual Health Clinic at 705-748-2021.The Grade 8 program is divided into four lessons.  Lesson 1- Review of the Female & Male Reproductive SystemsLesson 2- Sexual Decision Making & Healthy Relationships;
Lesson 3- Contraception: The Choice of Being Sexually Active Lesson 4 – Sexually Transmitted Infections.Teachers who plan to present the material themselves, can book resource kits by calling 705-743-1000 and asking for the Resource Secretary.
HPE: C1.4, C2.4, C3.3, PS1.1, IS1.3, CT1.5
Information for Teachers:
Public Health Agency of Canada
Vibrant Faces (OPHEA)
Teaching Human Development and Sexual Health With Confidence
Questions and Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools
Questions & Answers: Gender Identity in Schools
LGBT Youth Line
Sexual health education in the schools: Questions and answers – 2015 Ontario Edition



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