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Curriculum Resource List for Health Topics                        

  • Resources are organized by topic
  • Click on the curriculum resource title to open the link
  • Links to English and comparable French resources are provided where possible.
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum expectations that are met by using each resource are listed in the column to the right
  • Resources listed under “Information for teachers” provide background and supporting information in each topic area
  • The  SMART icon indicates a resource that is suitable to use with a smart board.

Bullying/Cyberbullying – Grade 7

Resource: Curriculum Expectations Met:
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Resources written for parents but useful in the classroom HPE: C2.2, PS1.1, PS1.2, CT1.5
CyberCops Mirror Image | Cyberagents : Écran miroir – 7e année UPDATED HPE: PS1.1, PS1.2, CT1.5, C1.1
Youth Connected | Jeunes Connecte HPE: C2.2, PS1.1, PS1.2, CT1.5
Information for Teachers:
PrevNet – Resources for Educators | PrevNet – La promotion des relations et l’élimination de la violence
ConnectED training module for teachers | Présentation pour les enseignants
Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools
Registry of Resources for Safe and Inclusive Schools | Repertorie des ressources pour etablir des ecoles securitaires et integratrices
Stop Bullying Teacher Tips
Media Smarts
Links to teacher resources and classroom tools on media literacy.



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