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Mental Health & Resiliency

Mental Health & Resiliency

Curriculum Resource List for Health Topics                        

  • Resources are organized by topic.
  • Click on the curriculum resource title to open the link.
  • Links to English and comparable French resources are provided where possible.
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum connections for each resource are listed in the column to the right.
  • Resources listed under “Information for teachers” provide background and supporting information in each topic area.
  • The  SMART icon indicates a resource that is suitable to use with a smart board.

Mental Health & Resiliency – Grade 4

Resource: Curriculum Connections:
Kids Have Stress Too! 
Lecons sur le stress
Lesson plans for Grades 4-6.
 HPE: C1.5, PS1.1, Ps1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4
Sustainable Happiness and Health Education
Lesson plans for K-Grade 6.
HPE: PS1.1, PS1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5
Social and emotional learning curriculum for Grades 3-5. Books are available to borrow from Public Health; call 705-743-1000.
HPE: C1.5, PS1.1, PS1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5
Not Myself Today
Click on “mood stickers” in the mini toolkit.
HPE: C1.5, PS1.1, PS1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5
Positive living skills program; see Level 2 activities on the website.
HPE: PS1.1, PS1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5
The Innovation Centre
Click on links for positive mental health/resilience building activities to do with students; for example, the Appreciation Wall.
HPE: PS1.1, PS1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5
Asset Building Puzzle Activity
Activity to identify individual assets, write on a puzzle piece, fit the pieces together on the wall to map collective assets and strengths: Puzzle Template
HPE: PS1.1, PS1.2, IS1.3, IS1.4, CT1.5
Your Thoughts are Powerful   
Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones
Everyday is a Gift
Video PSAs with positive mental health messages.
HPE: PS1.1, PS1.2, CT1.5
Information for Teachers:
Mental Health Services and Directory  | Sante mentale
Kids Help Phone | Jeuness J’ecoute
Growing Up Resilient:  Ways to Build Resilience in Children and Youth
Making a Difference: An Educators Guide to Child and Youth Mental Health Problems  | Les interventions qui comptent
This excellent resource provides mental health information that is specifically relevant for classroom teachers.
The ABCs of Mental Health – A Teacher Resource
Children’s Mental Health Ontario – Teacher Resources  | Santé mentale pour enfants Ontario – Ressources pour les enseignants
SH Extra (Catherine O’Brien’s blog on sustainable happiness)
Growing Resilient Students




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