May 22,

Comprehensive School Health

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Comprehensive School Health

Foundations for a Healthy School

A healthy school is built on a foundation of high quality instruction and programs, a healthy physical environment, a supportive social environment and community partnerships.

What is Healthy Schools All About?

Healthy Schools offer more than just special projects, educational activities or specific characteristics. It is an approach to thinking and working that is adopted by the whole school. This approach enhances the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the whole school community. It can strengthen your school’s capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning, and working.

The healthy schools approach is ongoing, with participation and collaboration from the entire school community including students, parents, school staff and community partners. Healthy schools focuses on health issues specific to individual school community, and is based on the Foundations for a Healthy School framework to ensure  that the school’s planning processes are comprehensive.

Healthy Schools: A Guide for School Administrators

The Healthy Schools Guide is designed to help your school  become a healthier school. It describes the evidence linking health and learning, outlines the steps to becoming a healthy school, and provides resources and ideas.  For more information about implementing healthy schools, call the School Health Liaison at 705-743-1000.



Last modified on Apr 05, 2018